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Marnie Tenden, social media strategist and Founder of InSync Social Media, has a four-part series on our blog  The 20 Step Guide to Local Market Domination. Don’t miss it!

Marnie's expertise is analyzing businesses to create branded and integrated social media marketing strategies that actually helps local businesses compete effectively in a world gone digital. Click on our BLOG above for her series.

The Buy Sell Exchange For Pest Control Professionals

Welcome to - A great way for pest control professionals like you to search for or offer the things you need to buy or sell. Whether it’s pest control sprayers, or pest control tools, list it on our buy sell pest control exchange and you’ll network directly with others in our industry.

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Posted on September 19, 2014    -   By Terry W. Bowen 

Climbing the Ladder of Success? Not if you fall off! Check out our latest Terry W. Bowen BCE article on our blog: OSHA and the Pest Control Industry - Part 3
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